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When I heard Angela McGlowan’s interview about her book, I was so glad it was an African American woman that wrote it.  And lest you forget it, the book boasts her beautiful face on its cover.  Why is this important and why would she subject herself to the racist mantra of many liberals in the media and political circles that would compare her to a character in a Beecher-Stowe novel (you know the one)?  Because, Angela McGlowan wants you to know the truth.  White or black, she wants you to know the truth of America’s history and doesn’t want you to be “bamboozled”.  “It is often said” writes Ms. McGlowan, “that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.”  It is this truth that compels her to tell the real story of the last 150 years of American racial politics, and I for one think it needs to be shouted from the housetops. 

Now, I would consider myself a political “junkie”.  I enjoy reading and listening to political commentary so much that I have to be careful not to shut out other voices in my life.  I hope you can see I am gaining some ground in overcoming this area, because this is the first political book review that I have given.  Part of it is fear of inflaming friends and family members that do not hold the same opinion as I on particular issues.  That is why I have chosen this book.  Feelings about the economy or war aside, this is not an issue that can ever be swept under the rug in my mind.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is only one race of people that God created—the human race.  Love for all of our brothers and sisters regardless of skin shade is God’s call for us.  If there is a political party that has sought to discriminate against, thwart, diminish, and destroy the hopes and very lives of a group of people, then they need to be exposed.  The problem is there are “bamboozlers” running amuck.

Bamboozled is written in three parts, all of which are very educational.  The first deals with policies that both unwittingly and deliberately hurt minorities.  The second is the racist and murderous history of a particular political party (more about that in a minute), and thirdly a commentary on “Building a bamboozle-free future”.  Although all three sections are excellent, I want to focus on the second which is really an education in American history.  I think everyone should read this book.  It is excellently written, full of unbelievable quotes from American presidents, political leaders, civil rights leaders, and others that lived through a very ugly time in America’s history.  I thought that the best way to whet your appetite might be in the form of a quiz.  Let’s see how well you know your history.  Then check out your point total and my comments as to whether you’re a Civil Rights Guru or you’ve been “bamboozled”.  I am ashamed to say that had I taken the quiz a year ago, my score would have been less than half.  See how you do.  Click on the link at the right:  Civil Rights History Quiz  or if you have problems with the link, there is another link on my blogroll under “pages” marked “Civil Rights History Quiz”.  Also, check out Ms. McGlowan’s blog http://www.angelamcglowan.com/wordpress/ where you can also order her book.


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